tisdag 29 maj 2012

Marinas högintressanta kommentar

Följande kommentar om läget i Ryssland lämnade Marina idag på BN:s hemsida:
Folks, Be careful with any Western sources reporting on any events in Russia or Belarus as well. They are very biased and hardly ever reflect any truth. For example, they constantly talk about demographic crisis in Russia. There is no demographic crisis in Russia at the moment. There WAS indeed a real CRISIS in the 90s when the drunkard Yeltsin was the country’s president but the real power was in the hands of the Jewish oligarchs. This crisis, however, has been gradually arrested. Just recently we heard good news - the population increased by one million. It may not yet be a lot but it is a real progress if we consider what was happening before. You will, however, never hear anything about it in the Western media. About Islam in Russia. There are no Muslims going on the rampage in Moscow. Moscow is not another Paris or London. If you come to Moscow or Russia illegally and you look like someone from Central Asia you keep a low profile because you will be immediately deported if the police find you have no papers. Russia does accept some guest workers but only from former Soviet Republics which include Central Asian countries, Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia, Moldova, Azerbeidjan etc. However, you have to get the right kind of visa and it is not easy to get it. You need to know the language and need to pass special tests. There are two groups of Muslims in Russia: native Muslims and Muslims from former Soviet Republics. The first group are Russian citizens - they have always been part of Russia. The second group are treated as foreigners. It’s difficult for them to get Russian citizenship. Most of them simply come to work and leave. Only a small number - usually well educated and open-minded ones stay in Russia. Russia’s native Muslims are ethnically diverse, they include: Tatars, Bashkirs in the Ural region and Chechens, peoples of Dagestan, Ingush, Karachays, Circassians and a few other groups in the Caucasus region. But in the Caucasus there are also large numbers of native Christians, usually ethnic Ossetians and Abkhazians. Tatars are the largest Muslim group in Russia in terms of numbers. They are also the most Russianized group. More than that - there is a large number of Orthodox Christian Tatars. You can meet someone called Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov and he will be a Tatar and a Christain and you will meet someone called Rinat Akhmetovich Islamov and he will also be a Tatar and also a Christian. There are countless numbers of churches - some of them recently built - all over Tatarstan (http://www.kazan.eparhia.ru/temples/). Of course in the past Russia had some conflicts with its Muslim neighbors. These Muslim neighbors could be a nuisance but they never posed a real threat to the Russian Christian culture. Russia was able to deal with them. The major blows to the Russian culture came not from Muslims but from the West, from its anti-Christian ideologies which were put into by anti-Christian Westernized, mostly Jewish, ideologues. If we look at the situation now, we can see that the major enemy of the Russian culture and Orthodox Christianity are not Muslims but the so-called opposition which is mostly made up of Yeltsin’s former politicians, cosmopolitans, sexual perverts, radical feminists, anarchists etc. Needless to say, lots of them are either Jewish or have links with Jews. All of these people hate Putin and hate the Russian Church. They look up to the West for inspiration and they are the major apostles of Cultural Marxism. Putin’s strategy does not involve a direct attack on the Jews for being Jews. Such a strategy would be a disaster. We only have to remember how much noise was being made in the Western media when Khodorkovsky was arrested, tried and put in prison and other oligarchs had to flee. Putin was careful not to play any “anti-Semitic” card as this would give his enemies and opponents a reason to make him into another Hitler. There are still rich Jews in Russia but they have to be careful. No one will put them in prison just for being Jewish but they might end up behind bars for being anti-Russian or working against Russia’s national interests. So, they have to be careful what they do with the money and what deals they make and with whom. At the same time Putin has been giving a lot of support to the Church and the rebirth of Christianity. Religion has made a real comeback. Christianity is the best remedy to cure the world from the Zionist disease.

lördag 12 maj 2012

Marinas tre senaste kommentarer

Här är de tre senaste kommentarerna lämnade av Marina på BN:s två senaste inlägg. Dessa ger oss mer förståelse för läget i det forna Sovjetunionen, ett ämne där de flesta västerlänningar är noviser, och ett ämne där vi västerlänningar på det stora hela köpt allt med hull och hår som vårt korrupta media delgivit oss genom åren.
There is one guy whom the international syndicate of usurers would love to declare an anti-Semite but they have not been able to. They have not been able to even though this guy has made lives miserable for three super-rich Khazarians who, at one stage, had practically entire Russia in their pocket. He has been able to snatch the Zionist hydra by its neck but he has done it in such a way that hydra is not able to accuse him of anti-Semitism. The guy I have on my mind is Vladimir Vladimirovich. The three Khazarians should also be well known to everyone. One is Mr Khodorkovsky. He had ambitions to become Russia’s president, instead he ended up in a Russian prison. The second one is Mr Berezovsky. He is “in exile” in London - one of the major centres of the said syndicate. He used to have a grand palace in Moscow that cost about 200 million dollars, not to mention his other riches. He has been concocting all kinds of plots to ditch Vladimir Vladimirovich or to ruin his reputation but so far he has not been very successful. The so-called Litvinenko affair may have found receptive audience in the West but, fortunately, not in Russia. In the 90s the rich Khazarian Oligarchs, not infrequently, hired psychopaths from prisons to get rid of those who got in their way, be they police investigators, journalists or witnesses. Russians know what these people are capable of. The third one, Mr Gusinsky, has become a proverbial “wandering Jew.” He has been on the run for quite a while, not being able to find a permanent residence anywhere, not even in Israel. Rumours say that if he goes to Israel, he might end up being extradited to Russia. Few people get as much bad press in the Western media (as well as in the media of the so-called NATO allies) as does Vladimir Putin. If you get bad press in the Western media, it means you are in the other camp - you are the enemy of the Zionist World Order. Vladimir Vladimirovich has been a very talented politician. No doubt he owes his skills to his former KGB training. It is impossible to wage an open war against Khazarians but it is possible to act through stealth, to use other means to limit their power. Khodorkovsky, Magnitsky and others were not put in prison because they are Jews but because their business operations were illegal, because they ordered assassinations and were involved in other crimes. That they happen to be Jews - bad luck. Whose fault is it that so many Jews get so rich and so many of them do it through deceit, blackmail and other crimes? At the same time Putin has been actively promoting Christianity and Christian values. As we all know, Christianity is what Talmudists resent most.
Wotan, There is a group of people who distrust Putin because of his KGB background. Unfortunately, these people are usually not very well familiar with the realities of the USSR and with its history. They tend to assume that the Soviet Union was run by the Jews till the last days of its existence. Here they are wrong. The history of the Soviet Union is, however, more complex. Indeed, the Soviet state was founded by the predominantly Jewish Bolsheviks and its early history was dominated by the Jews - especially Leibe Bronstein (known as Trotsky). The situation began to change a little under Stalin when most of the early Bolsheviks - almost all of them Jews - were accused of cosmopolitanism and therefore put on trial and executed. Jews obedient to Stalin still had a lot of power but not as much as before. The real change came with WWII. Then the Russian element began to take over - slowly but definitely. A more massive Russian takeover took place after the death of Beria. The Jews were there but their power was diminishing and it was diminishing very fast. Eventually it diminished to such an extent that Jews hoping to make a good career in politics in the Soviet Union had to hide their identities. Yuri Andropov could be a good example. Till this day even in Russia no-one really knows his real identity. Everyone sort of knows that he was probably half Jewish but his ethnic origins are very vague because he had gone to extreme measures to hide them. In the late 60s and more so in the 70s the Soviet Union adopted a very anti-Zionist attitude. You only need to read literature of that period, be it popular or academic to see how much Zionism was discredited and despised. It was portrayed as one of the major arch-enemies of the Soviet State. The Soviet Union was evolving into what some experts like to describe as National Communism. The exodus of the so-called Soviet Jews was the direct result of the changes in the political climate. The Jews no longer “felt at home” in the very entity which they themselves had originated. It was only after the collapse of the Soviet Union - in the 90s - that the Jews experienced their Renaissance and began to take over power in the territories of the former Soviet Union with the exception of Belarus. They have not been able to get control over Belarus thanks to the tough politics of Lukashenka. But in Russia under Yeltsin they were experiencing their Jewish Golden Age. And they are still experiencing their Golden Age in Ukraine (Lots of Jews who got scared of Putin found their refuge in Ukraine). Coming back to Putin, KGB training in the former Soviet Union involved hatred of Zionism. As a KGB officer Putin was taught to see Zionism as a threat to the USSR as well as to other countries. More than that, KGB officers were trained to distrust the Jews because of their double or multiple loyalties. The Global Zionist Order knows well about it and that’s why they fear Putin so much. On top of all that, some of the closest buddies of Putin who have power in Kremlin are also former KGB agents. They are all ethnic Russians, except for one who is a Tatar.
Heinrik Von Manshtein, Vladimir Vladimirovich is VERY BAD NEWS for the Global Mafia. They are in a state of confusion now and don’t quite know what new strategy to adopt. The truth is that the Global Zionist Mafia already have half the world under their control, now they want to get Russia because once they get Russia, they will be able to control the whole globe. They were lucky for a while. They had Russia in their claws already in the 90s but, unexpectedly, Putin spoilt their plans. As a result Russia is now back on its feet challenging the Mafia’s plans to impose its rule on everyone. The Global Elites know that Russia is armed to the teeth and is still arming itself. They therefore know that any military attack is not a good idea. They have been trying to use other means to destroy Russia but these means have not been very successful. The servants of the Global Elites underestimated Russians’ natural conservatism. In order to undermine Putin the so-called opposition has been staging all kinds of protests, demonstrations and other events but the problem with this so-called anti-Putin opposition is that they have no popularity in Russia. They have no representation in the Duma because they do not have any popular support. They have less than 5 percent support if not even less, 2 percent. There are several important reasons why they are not popular. Firstly, the so-called opposition is made up of people who used to be in power in the 90s and created chaos, anarchy and general ruin which everyone very well remembers. They made the country sink to the lowest level of misery, demoralization and dehumanization. Secondly, large numbers of these people - interestingly enough - are either Jewish, half-Jewish or have some connection with Jews. Thirdly, an overwhelming majority of these people are liberals in the real sense of this word. They promote gay parades, gay marriages, radical feminism, anti-Christianity, anti-patriotism, and similar ideas. With this type of ideological baggage, plus their predominantly Jewish ethnic background, the anti-Putin opposition (and they really hate Putin) have no chances with the Russian society. 95 percent - if not even more - of Russians are against gay parades, gay marriage, radical feminism, internationalism and any other Trotskyist nonsense. That’s why it will not be easy to stage a colour revolution in Russia. So now the Global Elites are really getting desperate. Their anti-Putin agents are not attractive to the Russian society, Putin is back in power promising to build more churches and more weapons. Another thorn in the flesh for the Global Elites, though of smaller proportion, has been the President of Belarus Lukashenka. Like Putin, Lukashenka gets very bad publicity in the Western media. The Blue Revolution failed miserably with Lukashenka getting more or less 90 percent support. What the Mafia cannot stand is the fact that in Belarus the apostles of Western democracy (a very small proportion of society) often end up in prison while, for example, Russian nationalists who come on holiday to Belarus from neighbouring Russia are allowed to walk around free, to organize festivals, meetings and other events. But the Mafia’s agents have only themselves to blame. Whose fault is it that every time the pro-Western anti-Lukashenka liberals demonstrate they create violence, smash buildings, beat the police etc. The Russian nationalists, on the other hand, behave nicely, never smash anything.